Fire Damage in Homes

Fire damage to a home can become very costly to any homeowner. Most of the time the damage needs to be repaired by a professional due to the severity of it. Not only is there damage done from the fire itself but by the water that is used to put the fire out. The homeowner will have to have their home inspected by the fire Marshall and obtain a list of damages done. After the Marshall has inspected the home it will be up to the homeowner to decide whether or not to make repairs.

The homeowner will most likely hire a professional to make the appropriate repairs that are caused from smoke, water, and the burned home itself. It is an extensive task to undertake for a homeowner alone and can take an extreme amount of time if a professional is not hired. However the homeowner may help with the cleanup of debris and small cosmetic repairs such as installing new cabinets and painting rooms after the initial extreme repairs are finished. Before any of these actions may be done, a professional such as a carpenter, will be needed to check the basement, foundation of the home, and all trusses. They may also check all windows to see what needs to be repaired also. A licensed electrician will need to inspect and possibly install new electrical wiring and a new breaker box for the home also.

The consequences for not hiring a professional my not only be hazardous but much more costly in the long run. If these repairs are not completed by someone who is licensed the fire Marshall may not even accept the completed work in order for the homeowner to move back in to their home. When making these types of repairs it is important to always follow the guidelines given by the Marshall so that time and money will not be lost in making repairs. It is also going to be important to stay in touch with the insurance company and to let them know about renovations so that insurance claims will be made properly by the homeowner.